About us

Cognize technology is a young startup company started in 2012 by group of experienced IT professionals involved in providing innovative, Web based enterprise process innovation solutions like on field business data management and processing, web based for small and medium enterprises, and customized Web based business application development. We also provide the integration of SMS features to existing applications and systems.

We are team of freelancers solely for the purpose of extending our services to people who have intelligent ideas. We want to bridge the gap between ideas and technology by providing regular customers with the chance of making it big. If you have an idea in your mind about a cool app, we can design it for you! We are a group of four people who first started this website when we realized that each of us have something to offer to the general public. We do not work solely for the purpose of generating profits. Each of us are well settled in their respective fields, and we are driven with the passion of innovation in the field of mobile and computing.


Acheiving maximum success

Our mission is to help clients in bringing their ideas into reality. We have been working in this field for years and have established one of the finest freelancers in the industry, and we are solely focused upon helping clients in achieving maximum success.


Love to do challenging stuffs.

We are extremely passionate about our work. As mentioned, this company is not just focused on generating as much profit as possible. Instead, we are solely passionate about our work and try to help our clients in realizing their ideas.